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Sharia law and the Archbishop of Canterbury

I don't know how far the news has spread, but the Archibishop of Canterbury (Rowan Williams) is currently in a bit of hot water around a lecture he gave about "Civil and Religious Law in England: a Religious Perspective" and a subsequent interview on BBC Radio 4.

I'm currently on page 7 out of 10 on my print out of the lecture. I'll need to read it again before I would feel entitled to an opinion on the lecture itself... but there's more to the issue than what was actually said. There's the matter of the reaction.

I strongly urge anyone reading this blog to read the Archbishop's lecture instead. Whether you agree or disagree, or feel somewhere in between, this is clearly a crucial debate... and one which Rowan Williams has done a very good job of encouraging.

He's been criticised for being badly advised, introducing the topic at a sensitive time and all kinds of other things. Personally, I think he's a smart guy who knew exactly what would happen. Most people will form an opinion based on what they've previously heard of Sharia law, or whatever they read in the paper or hear on the radio about the lecture. However, there will be plenty of people giving the topic significant thought, who might otherwise not have done. I intend to be one of those people.

It's quite possible that the Archbishop of Canterbury will be forced to resign over this - and some people will cite a "lack of leadership" as the cause. Again, I believe he probably understood that this would be a risky play, career wise. The fact that he was willing to do it anyway is evidence to me that he's a true leader - one willing to sacrifice himself for a greater good. Likewise, he is leading us (and I use the term as a Christian and a citizen of the UK rather than as an Anglican) in terms of a debate which must be tackled head-on, and in a far broader context than just Islam and Sharia law.

But hey, we all know Jesus never had controversial viewpoints, don't we? :)

I was talking to someone yesterday how was at the Archbishop's lecture. She was quite shocked by the reporting as it seemed to bear no resemblance to the lecture. Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.
I disagree,

He had no right to suggest in any aspect that Sharia Law should take any presidence in any form what so ever over British law. What he has caused is more racial hatred, and the backlash has been tremendous. Sharia Law was introduced to Canada and was taken out almost in a flash after the same backlash, did he not learn about this before he made such wrong comment.

I hope he does lose his job, that will show what a grave error he made and I also call for him to resign.

I know you will probably delete my comment but that man had no right to interfere with other people's religion

Alex Elliott
Alex, could you point out where in the lecture you believe he pointed out that Sharia law should take precedence over British law?

I don't remember seeing any such statement myself.
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I'm a Canadian Muslim. I think it was unfair that they knocked out faith based arbitration in Canada without even giving it a chance. In this case it seemed like Muslims were directly targeted. In this case I don't even know if you can call it 'shariah' (i.e. islamic law) because this was in a very small context of solving family based issues according to our standards and values rather than involving the courts. Anyway this is a long debate to get into but to make a long story short, nobody's going to start chopping off hands anytime soon.. That's not what the intention was.
I was reading your article and first off: I enjoy hearing thoughts from a fellow Christian brother.

I was concerned slightly about your comments on not understanding how a completely loving God can condemn someone who sinfully rejects him to eternal torture.

I think God's attributes of love and justice MUST be considered in light of His attribute of HOLINESS. His justice MUST have satisfaction because of His holiness. He cannot abide with sin. So those who do not accept His gift that will redeem them (our Saviour Jesus Christ) must experience eternal death.

I know - it doesn't sound nice or kind. But it makes total sense in light of who God is: King, LORD, Master, Saviour, Friend.

I would love to hear a response and discuss further! God bless your family!
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