Sunday, April 16, 2006



I suppose every blog has to have an introductory post. While I was in church this morning with my son Tom, I considered that I haven't really got anywhere appropriate for occasional thoughts on my faith. I have my (desperately out of date) preaching page with sermons etc on it, but I wanted something a bit less formal. This is it.

If you came here expecting posts about C#, Java and computing in general, you probably want my technical blog.

I have no idea currently how active this blog will be, either in terms of readers or posts, but as much as anything it's a place for me to explore ideas. If anyone's still reading at this point, I hope you'll help me with that exploration in terms of comments and emails - and please don't think I'm only after comments from other Christians!

Apparently Blogger doesn't believe in making it obvious where the feed for a blog is. You can get the Atom feed of this blog at

A little background

Just in case you've come to this blog entirely randomly, I'm a soon-to-be 30 software developer in Reading, England, and I'm a Methodist local preacher. My theology is pretty liberal on most issues, I believe. I have a wife (Holly) and a son (Tom), currently about 2 1/4, and two more sons on their way in about a month. My wife writes children's books from home. If my sermons are anything to go by, all of this is likely to be relevant at some time.

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